Event Team

  • Sherree - creativity, bespoke projects and event styling
  • Emma - event set-up, styling and junior coordinator
  • Kayley - event set-up, styling and junior coordinator
  • Daniel - heavy lifting, warehouse management
  • Tony - custom and bespoke builds
  • Jenny - accounts

Amy - Founder, Event Director

It is the passion for service and how it can make for an incredible experience that excites me. Parties, Events and Weddings provide the gateway for that service and we can create truly memorable celebrations.

Favourite food - Nachos

Favourite quote - "a little party never killed nobody" and "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

What I love most about parties - the memories that will be created and the experience the guests will have that will leave them talking and looking back fondly for time to come

Ideal celebrity to plan a party for - Richard Branson

I like my coffee - weak soy cap... so I can have 2 a day without too much extra buzz x

Drink of choice - oak aged shiraz

My last meal on earth would have to be - a cheese platter and wine with my nearest and dearest

Me in 3 words - Passionate . Energetic . Dreamer