WEDDING RECEPTION | Styling Packages


Styling . Decor . Furniture . Set-up

Selecting the right suppliers for your wedding can be daunting as you want your wedding day to be perfect.  With our extensive experience of working with many suppliers we can save you time and worry by providing reliable, specialised, professional and experienced suppliers who will deliver exactly as required on your wedding day.  Should you have a particular request or requirements we can use our industry network to provide a tailored service for you. 


Styling and Decor

The look and feel of your wedding is something that truly sets your special day apart from the others.  We can work on styling your wedding and arranging all the furniture, decor, lighting, centrepieces etc that will transform a space to fit your vision.  We provide you with options and quotes from various suppliers along the way so that you can select the look that works best for you.  You can choose how much assistance you need from us so we can tailor our styling package to your needs.