Aimee AND Mark - Manly yacht Club

The magic of love captured by the lens of Kat Rollings and a stunning afternoon overlooking Manly Wharf. The couple chose to get married on the balcony of the yacht club because it offered protection from the elements as well as intimacy for their ceremony. They celebrated with their beautiful family over a shared meal at rustic styled tables with hessian table runners, wooden logs, coloured glass bottles, flowers and hurricane lanterns. To give more room for dining our handmade pallet bar was styled as the main bar at the end of the balcony and stood as a statement piece with florals intertwined into the beams. The cake was a semi naked cake that sat on top of our wooden cake log. Each guest had a custom handwritten name card on a wooden block that later provided useful for a game of jenga. They danced the night away as the sun set and it will always be remembered as such a truly special and beautiful Wedding day. We loved creating the space for Aimee and Mark, planning the details of their wedding day, styling the venue and coordinating supplies to ensure a seamless and stress free wedding experience.

Wedding Ceremony Location | Balcony of Manly Yacht Club

Wedding Reception Venue | Manly Yacht Club

Photography | Kat Rollings Photography