About Us

  • Amy - founder

  • Sherree - senior event stylist, custom makes and bespoke projects

  • Chloe - junior wedding and event stylist

  • Kayley - event set-up, styling and junior coordinator

  • Emma - event set-up, styling and junior coordinator

  • Daniel - heavy lifting, warehouse management

  • Tony - custom and bespoke builds

  • Jenny - accounts

Amy - Founder, Event Director

Amy Vandenhurk has been working in the events and hospitality industry for over 15 years.

She studied marketing at TAFE and went on to complete a Business Degree. After traveling throughout Europe as well as America, New Zealand and Asia her inspiration for events has come from far and wide. Prior to starting Cloud 9 Event Management at the age of 25 she worked for an event catering company and fine dining restaurants such as Jonahs at Whale Beach and Ormeggio at The Spitl. Amy has an appreciation for fine food, well matched wines and understands the experience that food and beverage play in the success of an any event. She also worked for the Clemenger Group managing the Sony Promoters program as well as working on Experiential Events.


When she first started Cloud 9 the business was primarily focused on catering (food and beverage) where she owned and operated a commercial kitchen and held a Gold License for catering for the first 5 years. In 2009 she appeared on MasterChef as a guest client and her comapny catered for the winners of the TV series The Block at John McGrath’s home.

As time went on she found that her clients were looking for so much more than just the food and beverage to complete the whole ‘event experience ‘so she began developing her style and expanded to offer Wedding and Event Planning and Styling services. The later now forms the main focus and she has grown the range of props, furniture and unique styling pieces to complement her services. Whilst her personal styling range has a focus on a coastal/ Hampton vibe to fit in with the fact that her business is based on Sydneys’ Northern Beaches, her styling abilities are certainly not limited to that and she has transformed spaces to style everything from Children’s parties; Moana and Frozen to themed Milestone celebrations such as Vegas Nights, Paris Meets Miami, Moulin Rouge, 1960s, Disco, Great Gatsby and large corporate events. The focus is always the same, how can we make this “beautiful, seamless and truly memorable.”

She is passionate about creating “Stand Out” celebrations and her attention to details ensures that everything has been thought of; to offer that something truly special.

It’s her passion for service excellence and seeking to truly understand her clients that has been her greatest success in growing the business. Her creative, flexible and genuine care for her clients and the service she offers is what sets her apart.

Today, 10 years on she has a dedicated and loyal team with the ongoing support of her partner Dan and family.

She spends a lot of time on the business and constantly seeks to improve, learn and grow. She has supported Work Experience programs for local schools over the years and openly shares her knowledge with all those who work with her.

While never really taking a break she does enjoy spending time with family and friends, holidays (often working with a mix of poolside cocktails and business books). You will always see her with a notebook and pen and she loves a bit of sparkle, often rocking up to events in glitter shoes.

Whatever she does she does with heart and good intentions.

She seeks to offer everyone she works with a better experience than they knew was possible, a party/ wedding/ event that will be remembered fondly for time to come, taked about and looked back on as the highlights of your life.

Favourite quote - "a little party never killed nobody" and "life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

What I love most about parties - the memories that will be created and the experience the guests will have that will leave them talking and looking back fondly for time to come

Ideal celebrity to plan a party for - Richard Branson

Cocktail of choice - Margharita

My last meal on earth would have to be - a cheese platter and wine with my nearest and dearest

Me in 3 words - Passionate . Energetic . Dreamer

Sherree - Senior Wedding & Event Stylist

Favourite food - don’t really have one

Favourite quote - "dance into the fire until nothing remains"

What I love most about parties - dancing

Ideal celebrity to plan a party for - Jason Momoa

Coffee or Tea - chai latte

My last meal on earth would have to be - a sumptuous raw cacao dessert

Me in 3 words - au Natural . Passionately Creative . Wild & Free



Chloe - Junior Wedding & Event Stylist

Favourite food - Italian

Favourite quote - "nobody has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them"

What I love most about parties - dancing & socialising

Ideal celebrity to plan a party for - Johnny Depp

Coffee or Tea - I like my coffee in the form of hot chocolate :)

My last meal on earth would have to be - a plate full of crispy Kreme donuts

Me in 3 words - Bubbly . Kind-Hearted . Driven

Jenny - Accounts